Early Learning Matters!

Decades of research has shown that the first five years of a child's life are important brain building years that shape our children's futures. Quality early learning experiences are predictors of health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school. Quality Early Learning experiences assure that children arrive at Kindergarten ready to learn and have successful experiences that lead to life long health and development. 

With the passage of the historic Student Success Act, Oregon is poised to increase the amount of available Early Care and Education opportunities across the state.  To learn more about Early Learning in the Student Success visit these websites-



 Early Learning Account Summary in the Student Success Act 


Deadline for Applications extended to May 4!

Request for Applications are now available!

The Early Learning Division has released Requests for Application for the following programs funded by the Early Learning Account in the Student Success Act-

- Early Childhood Equity Fund

- Oregon Pre-Kindergarten

- Preschool Promise Provider

- Preschool Promise Fiscal Agent

Frequently Asked Questions- https://oregonearlylearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Pre-Application-Student-Success-Act-FAQs_2_4_20.pdf

Early Care and Education Sector Plan for Clackamas County

The Early Learning Hub of  Clackamas County, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, developed a regional Early Care and Education (ECE) Sector Plan that focuses on identifying priority populations, and areas of highest need, for targeted services. The Sector plan will be integrated into the processes to inform Preschool Promise, Oregon Prekindergarten, and Early Head Start expansions, and equitable resource allocation across our state.  You can download the full ECE Sector plan below.

What are Early Learning Hubs?


Early Learning Hubs

Early Learning Hub Goals

Early Learning Hub Goals

The Early Learning Division of the Oregon Department of Education provides funding to  Early Learning Hubs to convene cross sector partners to work together toward a shared vision and shared goals. There are 16 Early Learning Hubs in Oregon, supporting  systems development and programs for children, prenatally through six and their families. Early Learning Hubs collaborate with early childhood programs to translate the research on early development into result-oriented interventions and programs.



Early Learning Hub Goals

Early Learning Hub Goals

Early Learning Hub Goals

Goal 1: Aligned, coordinated, and family-centered early childhood system

Goal 2: Children receive the early learning experiences they need to thrive and be successful in school and life

Goal 3: Families receive the support they need to be healthy, stable and attached



Our Region

Early Learning Hub Goals

Our Region

Early Learning Hubs are working in their communities  to streamline systems that are easier to navigate for families, increase access to and enrollment in quality childcare and preschool, and the improve the quality of early learning programs overall.  Early Learning Hubs focus their efforts all children in Clackamas County, with a focus on children and families who have been historically undeserved and under-represented.


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