Current Community Grantees 2019-2020

Metropolitan Family Services


Metropolitan Family Service helps people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation.   MFS delivers proven programs to help people succeed at home, in school and in the community.  They support parents and students.    Their experienced and dedicated staff partner with volunteers, community members and a dedicated Board of Directors in order to make today’s communities work.    

Ready Set Go, Parent Child Interactive Preschool Program at Wichita Center and Bilquist Elementary School. All families residing in North Clackamas School District with a children 3-5 years old are eligible to apply. Child does not need to be 3 by September, families can apply at any time.


Funding for Family Resource Coordination and KPI Ready Set Go


Todos Juntos


Todos Juntos partners with schools, local law enforcement, county agencies, United Way and others to enhance local resources and services for youth and families. These services are available in English and/or Spanish through evidence-based, community-supported activities provided at K-12 schools around Clackamas County.


JumpStart Kinder ready program in Sandy – June 2020. Community-based playgroups in Canby, Sandy & Estacada. Evening family activities and engagement events at River Mill Elementary School and Sandy Grade as well as kindergarten readiness workshops for families with preschool and kindergarten aged children. In school/after school support for kindergartens to help with transition to K in Sandy and Estacada. 


Funding for KPI and  

Family Resource Coordination   


Clackamas County Children's Commission


At Clackamas County Children’s Commission, our approach is to honor parents as the first and most important teachers. We remain responsive to each child, and value every family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage. In building strong relationships with our children and families, we support positive parent-child relationships, family well-being, and connections to peers and our community.


Funding for Help Me Grow




 The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) serves the holistic needs of immigrants, refugees, and mainstream community members in Oregon and SW Washington. As a community-based organization, we empower children, youth, families and elders from around the world to build new lives and become self-sufficient by providing more than 200 culturally and linguistically specific social services. 

IRCO will offer a 5 week culturally specific ready for kindergarten program. Parents and children come and learn together skills to help prepare 3-5 year old children for their transition to kindergarten. Language is to be determined, Spanish, Russian or Vietnamese

Awarded KPI funding 2019-2020

Oregon City School District



Kindergarten home visiting programs, voluntary home visiting program for families at Holcomb, Jennings Lodge & Gaffney Lane. Parents meet with teachers in addition to regular conferences to make strong connections and provide one on one support to children and their families.

Awarded funding for KPI 2019-2020